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"The creativity to re-theme an amusement park and the technical expertise to design challenging high technology office, R&D, fabrication & data centers"


ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN MANAGEMENT provides professional architectural design and design phase project coordination services for a widely diversified range of tenant improvement and construction projects.A strategic partner to Northern California’s high technology and growth industries since 1986, ADM has the design expertise, mature judgment and proven track record of performance required of today’s architect.

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN MANAGEMENT is sensitive to the demands placed upon our clients to minimize cost and maximize value.  To maintain the competitive advantage for our clients, we provide long term value added services tailored to meet the specific needs of each project.  Our goal is to keep our clients profitable by being their best resource for investigation, evaluation, consultation and advice.

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN MANAGEMENT often provides services to clients with challenging and unusual project requirements and the geographic range and diversity of these projects offers an insight into our expertise as architects and project managers.  From Monterey to Sacramento, project diversity includes amusement park ride adaptation and theming; high technology clean rooms and computer data centers; light industrial microelectronics, biopharmaceutical, and telecommunications tenant improvements; mixed-use and multi-unit residential development; and custom single family homes.  To date, ADM has designed over 70 new buildings, over 10 million square feet of tenant improvements and nearly 2,000 units of residential construction and offers a comprehensive range of architectural specialties including programming, viability studies, land planning and preliminary concept design, space planning, architectural and interior design, construction documents, agency approval processing, construction administration and observation, facility move management and fit-up, scheduling, budgeting and management of project teams including technical and specialty consultants.

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN MANAGEMENT is equally skilled in all formats of project delivery:


As Prime Architect, ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN MANAGEMENT directs all sub-consultants and provides biddable design documents, budgeting, scheduling, value engineering, and OWNER-DIRECTED construction administration and observation representation.


As the General Contractor's Architect, ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN MANAGEMENT provides permittable design and construction documents, subcontractor-prepared permit document coordination, and CONTRACTOR-DIRECTED construction administration and observation representation.


As the Owner's Representative assigned to a Negotiated General Contractor, ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN MANAGEMENT provides biddable design and construction documents, value engineering, selected sub-consultant and subcontractor-prepared document coordination and OWNER-DIRECTED construction administration and observation representation.

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN MANAGEMENT offers extensive facilities design expertise and an electronic based professional design environment where innovative ideas are nurtured to execution with proficiency to provide exemplary service competitively.  We are experienced in the retrofitting of existing structures, corporate facilities space planning and design, and site planning and approval processing for residential construction.  We routinely provide agency review processing and construction administrative services including public hearing representation, representation to departments of planning and inspection, construction observation, change order management, punch listing and close-out.  We successfully manage complex projects that require a high level of architectural and engineering coordination.  We provide CAD design, modeling, rendering and animation options.  Projects range from one-day consultations to providing "fast-tracked" full scope Design Team Management services for a major high technology facility.  Completed tenant improvement, commercial and light industrial projects cost range extends to approximately $32 million and residential projects range to approximately $70 million.

Throughout our history, we have transformed owner needs into innovative solutions that reflect both aesthetic and functional purpose that go beyond our client’s expectations.  We know that the professional prestige of ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN MANAGEMENT is earned with each accomplished architectural design and we value the patronage of each client.  Our commissions have varied in scope, complexity, and location, but our commitment to superior design and service distinguishes and unifies all our work.  We believe that managed design requires a very close working relationship with the client, a thorough understanding of the client’s objectives and a respect for the need to be responsive, flexible, on time, and on budget.

Savvy users of architects recognize that the best value in architectural services is provided by a skilled professional in a broadly diversified firm who’s depth of experience allows him to tailor services and fees to meet the specific needs of his clients.  As Owner and Senior Principal of ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN MANAGEMENT, I am uniquely qualified to successfully manage the interdisciplinary coordination inherent in today’s complex projects and personally direct all aspects of each project.  I provide the mature judgment of an Architect who’s 37 years of experience and exemplary track record of technical proficiency, teamwork, and design leadership gives the security of confidence we all respect in building long term relationships.

Open communications, a professional attitude with enthusiasm, solution-oriented problem solving, sensitivity to detail, and completion of a high quality and functional product, require teamwork, design leadership, and the personalized hands-on approach found in ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN MANAGEMENT'S commitment to its clients.